Aims & Objectives

TEST for UGANDA provides both full and partial scholarships for undergraduate study in a wide spectrum of academic and practical subjects which in the opinion of the local Trustees are best oriented towards the social and economic development needs of their countries and their communities. Awards are biased towards females (60:40) from the poorest regions of UGANDA, and are also available to handicapped students. Scholarships are offered to both new and to continuing students, and are reviewed annually against both need and academic performance. Those scholars graduating with First Class Honours degrees are invited to apply for the Norman & Ivy Lloyd Scholarship at Linacre College, Oxford University which provides full funding for one year’s Master’s degree studies in a subject of their choice.

All Trustees of both TEST for UGANDA and TEST for AFRICA, as well as the Ugandan Universities provide their services pro-bono, and consequently TEST Trustees guarantee that 100% of all donations received are disbursed for the education of the scholars. Moreover, each member of the TEST family is required to be transparent and publishes Annual Reports which are available on their web-sites.

TEST for UGANDA will create an alumni association and continuously organise job counselling and career guidance programmes for the benefit of the TEST for Uganda scholars. TEST for Uganda will also establish an e- discussion group for its students under the scholarship. This will allow the students to share ideas on how they are progressing with their studies in the various colleges in Uganda and potential career opportunities.

Link with Linacre College, University of Oxford

TEST for UGANDA’s origins lie with Linacre College and that relationship is reinforced by virtue of the Trust structure with the majority of the Trustees being alumni. It is the desire of our Trustees to provide opportunities for others to follow in their footsteps and to give back to society.

Accordingly, a direct link has been cemented between TEST for UGANDA via TEST for AFRICA and Linacre College, in that the fully funded Norman & Ivy Lloyd Scholarship (co-funded with the generosity of the UK Department for International Development), which many of TEST for UGANDA Trustees have benefited from, is now available on a competitive basis to anyone who graduates from the TEST for AFRICA programmes with a First Class Honours degree. Applications are encouraged from such alumni to be made to the University of Oxford for one year’s Master’s study at Linacre College in a subject of their choice. This Scholarship is now available on a preferential basis to qualified TEST for AFRICA graduates.



Areas of focus for financial support by the Trust include the following academic disciplines:

  • Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Dentistry and Pharmacy
  • Agricultural Sciences and Engineering
  • Mining and Petroleum Engineering
  • Geological/Earth Sciences
  • Civil, Mechanical, Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Biological, Biomedical sciences, Chemistry and Physics
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Management
  • Arts and Humanities (specifically Social Science, African Studies and African Crafts)
  • Economics and Business Studies (including Accountancy and Marketing)
  • Hotel Management
  • Construction, Architecture, Surveying and Planning

TEST for UGANDA scholarships are available for study at all Ugandan public Universities. Private Universities are specifically excluded. The public universities include:

  • Busitema University
  • Gulu University
  • Kyambogo University
  • Makerere University
  • Mbarara University of Science and Technology


TEST for UGANDA scholarships are reserved for those persons who are personally committed to their country. TEST for UGANDA is not for those persons wishing to emigrate and employ their newly received education elsewhere in the world. They are not loans and do not have to be repaid. Repayment is made in kind, through a personal pledge to remain in their country of origin and to work for the socio-economic benefit of Uganda. Accordingly, each applicant for a scholarship is required with their application, to commit to a five (5) year bond period following completion of their academic studies. The bond specifically states that they will remain in Uganda for at least five (5) years following their graduation and work in any field of their choice and contribute to national development.

This Bond does not prevent students from going outside of Uganda for further studies, but does require them to notify TEST for UGANDA Trustees in writing and renew their pledge to serve out any outstanding bond period after completion of their overseas studies.

Career Counselling

TEST for UGANDA recognises the current challenges facing graduates in finding suitable employment upon graduation. Whilst TEST for UGANDA is unable to provide jobs for their beneficiaries, it recognises the need to encourage and assist wherever possible. This is either done through local Advisory Boards, or by local Supporters (generally business people) who offer their services pro-bono in providing guidance and counselling to its prospective alumni to give them a competitive edge in the job market. Such guidance and counselling may take the form of advising forthcoming graduates on how to market themselves, and may take the form of showing how to prepare a good curriculum vitae, teaching interview techniques, entrepreneurship, etc., via regional sessions.

Alumni Association

TEST for Uganda Alumni Association aims at providing a forum for social events, newsletters, fund raising, networking through their education and fellow graduates, supporting new alumni, friendship forming, business relations and connecting with people from similar backgrounds.




TEST for Uganda obtained initial financial support from TEST for AFRICA. However, TEST for Uganda aims to be self sustaining within seven years of commencement of its activities. TEST for AFRICA provides advice and expertise in the generation of self- sustaining plans and the sourcing of finance for such programmes, which inevitably will require a significant capital input. Such plans may include agriculture projects and possible real estate projects which will use the experience of local Trustees and may provide employment opportunities for some of TEST’s alumni. TEST for UGANDA is currently exploring alternatives for self-sustainability.


TEST for UGANDA is required to be totally transparent and to maintain proper accounting records to standards and time frames established by the Trustees of TEST for AFRICA as well as all Ugandan requirements. We are obliged to publish an Annual Report which is to be openly available on our web-sites.

Applications and Means Testing

All applicants must have a valid offer from their relevant accredited educational institution in one of the accepted disciplines and must file their application for TEST for UGANDA scholarship support with their proposed educational institution and not with the Trust itself. The specified time frame for submission must be respected and the application complete. There are no exceptions allowed for late submission or for incomplete applications, as any such application will be automatically disqualified. Applicants are required to complete a comprehensive application form which provides extensive detail of their background, family and financial standing plus a history of their academic achievements. All claims made in the application must be accompanied by appropriate documentary support as proof of that claim. Applicants who falsify any claim will have their scholarship withdrawn. The application form includes a 500 word essay describing why applicants feel they are eligible and how they intend to use their education to improve the socio-economic prospects of Uganda. TEST for UGANDA Scholarships are not automatically renewed as students need to have demonstrated considerable academic progress in their academic work as well as have their financial status re-assessed annually.

Gender Bias

With the aim of providing more opportunities to persons who often would not be able to undertake tertiary education due to lack of financial support, our Trustees apply a gender bias to their awards with the ultimate aim of granting 60% of scholarships to female applicants.

Poor Bias

Our Trustees may apply geographical bias, such that applications from Northern and Eastern Uganda receive at least 70% of the total awards made.

Handicapped Students

TEST for UGANDA endeavours to support the education of visually and physically handicapped. Where appropriate support facilities are available at educational institutions to accommodate visually and/or physically handicapped students, applications for TEST for UGANDA scholarships from such bright but needy students are encouraged.



Dr Fred Babweteera


Dr Babweteera has an undergraduate degree in Forestry from Makerere University. He also holds a DPhil and an MSc Forest Science, Policy and Management from University of Oxford. He is currently the Regional Coordinator (AFRICA), Research and Conservation, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. He is also a Lecturer at Makerere University, Uganda. He is an enthusiastic tropical forest ecologist with experience in teaching conservation biologists and managing multidisciplinary conservation projects. He is a member of the Governing Council of the Commonwealth Forestry Association, member of IUCN Species Survival Commission Primate Specialist Group. He serves on various peer reviewed journal editorial boards.

Mr. Ronnie Twesigye


Ronald has more than 10 years of experience in civil engineering projects both in design and management of projects, climate change and water resources management. His experience spans both in the developed and developing countries. He has worked in public and private entities in the sectors of climate change impacts in Water resources, Flood Risk Management Strategies and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Asset Management, Management of Clean Development Mechanism Projects (CDM) and program of activities (PoA), Contract Management and administration of works using FIDIC, ICE and NEC conditions of contract, Technical and financial contract administration, Construction supervision of RC structures to provide solution to natural resources management.

Ronald is among the few Ugandan nationals with a solid track record in Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM). He is a registered Civil Engineer with the Uganda Engineers Registration Board and has participated in several work groups in Uganda, including the carbon footing of products for setting an ISO 14067 standard. He completed a fellowship with the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn, Germany focusing on the improved design of modalities for Programmes of Activities (PoAs). He worked with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) in Uganda as a project manager for the Municipal Solid Waste Compost Project, a registered Programme of Activities.

Ronald graduated with a Master’s of Science degree in water science, Policy and Management from the University of Oxford in 2006. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Makerere University, Kampala Uganda where he graduated with a 2nd upper degree.

Professor Lillian Ekirikubinza


Lillian Tibatemwa-Ekirikubinza is a Professor of Law and First Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) at Makerere University. She is a holder of a Ph.D in Law (specialized in Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminology); an LL.M in Commercial Law: an LL.B (Hons.) and a Diploma in Legal Practice. She is an enrolled Advocate of Uganda’s Courts of Judicature.

Professor Tibatemwa-Ekirikubinza is a highly experienced and widely researched legal scholar in Judicial and Legal matters. Her interest and scholarly contribution largely lie in the areas of Comparative Criminal Jurisprudence; Transnational Crime; Computer Crime; Human Rights Perspectives of Criminal Law; Gender, Crime and Criminology; Gender and the Law; Children’s Rights; Juvenile Justice; Rights of People with Disability; Legal aspects of Information and Communications Technology (ICT); E-Commerce, E-Evidence and Computer Crime.

In more recent times, Lillian has done extensive work in the area of Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

She is widely published in referred journals and among her publications are three law books: Women’s Violent Crime in Uganda: More Sinned Against than Sinning (1999); Offences Against the Person: Homicides and Non-Fatal Assaults in Uganda (2005); Criminal Law in Uganda: Sexual Assaults and Offences against Morality (2005).


Keith & Marjorie Lloyd


Marjorie and Keith Lloyd are passionate believers in the value of education for helping individuals, communities and nations to achieve a better future. They have been involved in various educational philanthropic activities, principally fund raising and the provision of residential property for students at Linacre College, Oxford where Keith is an Honorary Fellow. There they established scholarships schemes with UK government support for bright but needy African students to undertake one year Masters' studies at Oxford University.


Keith has undergraduate degrees in Applied Chemistry from Liverpool Regional College of Technology and in Earth Sciences from The Open University; a Masters in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Doctorate in Peptide Chemistry from Oxford. Following a 20 year career in international management with Air Products and Chemicals, and ENTHONE-OMI International Corporation, since 1991 Keith has focused on the development of family business in international investments, including venture capital and real estate. He is currently a Director of several family owned companies, and of Hitachi Chemical Europe GmbH.

Marjorie pursued her career in librarianship specialising in sciences, working in Liverpool, Oxford and Boston, Massachusetts. Upon relocation to Belgium, she undertook voluntary work whilst raising their three children, Karl, Petra and Kim. Marjorie is an avid reader, and is also a Director of OMNI Investments Limited.

After spending several decades living in Belgium, Keith and Marjorie took up residence in Guernsey, Channel Islands.