The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust.

TEST for AFRICA is a UK Charitable Trust registered in 2008 by the UK Charity Commission (number 1124600). TEST aims to fund the further education of African students.

Trust Objectives

TEST for AFRICA was formed by a group of graduates from Linacre College, Oxford University together with Jennie Travers, who’s late husband John pioneered the formation of the charity Schools Around The World at his company, Cushman & Wakefield.

Its aim is to aid the social and economic development of Africa by enabling bright but needy students to receive undergraduate education at local public Universities and Polytechnics against their personal pledge to work for the benefit of their communities and their nation upon graduation.

The fundamental philosophy behind the formation of TEST for AFRICA is the belief that one of the causes of poverty in developing countries is a lack of education. By enabling bright, yet financially challenged Africans the opportunity to undertake local tertiary education through a programme of means tested scholarships in exchange for a personal bond requiring them to remain in their country of origin, graduates are expected to make significant contributions to the social and economic development within their communities and their country.

Having commenced in Ghana, TEST for AFRICA is continuing to establish a network of local charities in those African countries which have a record of democracy and stability. Our charities in Africa are organised and managed by local residents, the majority of whom have received postgraduate education at the University of Oxford (Linacre College).

TEST for AFRICA provides both full and partial scholarships for undergraduate study in a wide spectrum of academic and practical subjects which in the opinion of the local Trustees are best oriented towards the social and economic development needs of their countries and their communities. Awards are biased towards females (60:40) from the poorest regions of the countries, for University education (60:40) where appropriate, and are also available to handicapped students. Scholarships are offered to both new and to continuing students, and are reviewed annually against both need and academic performance. Those scholars graduating with First Class Honours degrees are invited to apply for the Norman & Ivy Lloyd Scholarship at Linacre College, Oxford University which provides full funding for one year’s Master’s degree studies in a subject of their choice. All Trustees of both TEST for AFRICA and their network of local charities, as well as local Universities and Polytechnics provide their services pro-bono, and consequently TEST for AFRICA Trustees guarantee that 100% of all donations received are disbursed for the education of the scholars. Moreover, each member of the TEST family is required to be transparent and publishes Annual Reports which are available on their web-sites. TEST for GHANA is currently organising both a job counselling programme and the formation of an alumni association, which members of the TEST African family will eventually follow as part of their evolution.

Since inception in 2008, TEST for AFRICA has made in excess of 500 scholarships awards in both Ghana and Malawi, and is currently aiming to begin operations in Uganda in 2012.

The ultimate aim of TEST for AFRICA is to provide support to enable the local TEST charities to become self-sustainable.


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Yamikani D.M. Yafeti has written a wonderful letter describing his experience with TEST, and how he is now giving back to TEST by working in our office in Lilongwe.


February 2019

The TEST for Tanzania Annual Report, is available here.

February 2019

The TEST for Malawi Annual Report, is available here, and the Audit report is available here.

September 2018

The Uganda and Ghana annual reports and financial documents have been released .

February 2018

The TEST for Africa Annual Report, is now available here.

May 2016

The TEST for Africa Annual Report, is now available here.

March 2016

The audited financial statements for TEST for Uganda for 2013, 2014, and 2015 are now available to download.

February 2016

A video interview with Dr Leander Kandilige, the chair of TEST for Ghana is now available, as well as a radio interview with Dr Kandilige and Wisdom Eli Akatu. Also available, is the latest TEST for Ghana Newsletter.

November 2015

TEST for AFRICA gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of £ 30,000 by members of The Funding Network's Special Funding Group in providing the seed funding for the formation and initial years' operation of TEST for TANZANIA. We are delighted to receive their support to expand TEST's activities in Tanzania where there is a clear need for the provision of scholarship support for tertiary education of the bright but neediest.

September 2015

The TEST for Malawi Annual Report, is available here.

August 2015

A very kind article about TEST appeared in the latest edition of Oxford Thinking, a brochure widely circulated as part of the University's Capital Campaign.

April 2015

TEST for AFRICA and TEST for UGANDA are pleased to announce the receipt of a significant donation from R Nick Brown and his wife Dr Roosa Leimu-Brown to create 5 new Scholarships in Uganda. These Scholarships will be named after Dr Nick Brown's parents Ray and Avril Brown, and will be preferentially awarded to female undergraduates. Dr Nick Brown is TEST for AFRICA's Chairman and Principal of Linacre College, Oxford.

January 2015

The TEST for Africa Annual Report, as at 30 June 2014, is available here.

January 2015

TEST for GHANA/TEST for AFRICA are delighted to announce two fully funded Scholarships will be awarded from 2015 onwards at KNUST for undergraduate studies in both Land Economy and Real Estate. These will be made financed thanks to the generosity of two alumni of KNUST, Abdul-Razak Saeed and Dansoaa Siaw-Misa. Saeed is a Trustee of both TEST for AFRICA and TEST for GHANA, and Dansoaa is a Collateral Management Analyst at Ghana Home Loans Ltd..The Scholarships will be known as Misa & Lardie Scholarship Fund. The fund is the first step towards their joint dream of sponsorship and mentoring students in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence.

October 2013

The TEST for Malawi Annual Report, published in May 2012, is available here. The accounts are also available here.

September 2013

TEST for AFRICA and TEST for UGANDA jointly announce the award of 56 Scholarships for study at all of the Ugandan Public Universities for the academic year 2013-2014. These include 24 Scholarship renewals and 31 new awards, and importantly 29 (52%) of the awards are for women.

August 2013

The TEST for Ghana and Uganda Annual Reports, are available here and here.

May 2013

Test For Africa is pleased to announce the Dr Harry Lindsay Potter Scholarship Endowment in Agriculture, Food Security or Environmental Studies at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources that has been established by family, friends and colleagues as well very generous donations from Norman and Jackie Bardsley, the Mersey United Reformed Church Synod and Concern Universal. The latter has also given a 6 month graduate placement as well as two apprenticeships in bore hole drilling. Test For Africa are also grateful to Mr and Mrs Angus Matheson for their generous donation in memory of Dolly and John Matheson. Dr Potter was a Specialist Adviser in Agriculture and Rural Development with a thirty eight year career in Asia, South America as well as three countries in Africa. His last post was Malawi, a country he loved. His work on Food Security led to an OBE and is his legacy but this scholarship will ensure that his work is continued by future generations of Malawian students.

May 2013

PRESS RELEASE TEST for MALAWI is pleased to announce the award of 202 Scholarships with a total value of more than 20 million Kwatcha to bright but needy students to attend public Universities in Malawi.

January 2013

The TEST for Africa Annual Report, as at 30 June 2012, is available here.

November 2012

TEST for UGANDA is making its first Scholarship awards to a total of 26 bright but needy Ugandans, including 11 females. The majority of the awards are being made to individuals from the poorest regions of the country (the North and the East) and include both new and continuing students at Gulu, Makerere, Kyambogo and Busitema Universities as well as the Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

October 2012

The Trustees of TEST for AFRICA are proud to announce the following appointments: Dr Nick Brown, Principal of Linacre College, Oxford has agreed to assume the position of Chairman of TEST for AFRICA, thereby further consolidating the links between the TEST family and for majority of their Trustees, their alma mater. Mrs Joanna Marguerite Travers has joined the Board of Trustees. Joanna is the daughter of our late co-Founder and Chairman, Jennie Travers. This appointment provides for continuation of the great work that Jennie in conceiving and establishing TEST as the major contributor to helping make tertiary education available for bright but financially needy Africans.

October 2012

With the much appreciated help of Schools Around The World, TEST is pleased to announce the creation of up to 5 additional Scholarships at the Medical College of the University of Malawi. These stipends are to be known as the Jennie Travers Medical Scholarships and have been created in the memory of TEST’s co-founder and Chairman, Mrs Jennie Travers who recently passed away. The first awards will be made during the forthcoming academic year.

July 2012

TEST for AFRICA is sad to announce the death of its Chairman, Jennie Travers after a long struggle with illness. Jennie was a Co-Founder of TEST and has been Chairman since its inception. Her enthusiasm, generosity and integrity will be greatly missed. Deepest sympathy is extended to her children, David, Robert and Joanna and her grandchildren, Zoe, Alexander, Jana and Abigail.

May 2012

The TEST for Malawi Annual Report, published in May 2012, is available here.

April 2012

The TEST for Africa Annual Report, published in April 2012, is available here.

April 2012

TEST for Africa is featured in the EDF Trading Annual Report, published in April 2012, extract available here.

January 2012

TEST for AFRICA and TEST for GHANA are pleased to announce the launch of the Kelly Fisher Scholarship in Engineering/Science to be preferentially awarded to a student from the Upper West Region of Ghana. This award is facilitated thanks to the generosity of Kelly Fisher from London, who during her VSO service taught at Kanton Secondary School, Tumu in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

December 2011

TEST for AFRICA and TEST for MALAWI are proud to announce that The Common Room of Linacre College, University of Oxford have elected to fund a four year Scholarship in Environmental Studies at Bunda College, University of Malawi. Jennie Travers, TEST for AFRICA Chairman added " that this magnificent act of generosity by the student body of the alma mater of many of our Trustees cements the relationship between Linacre and the TEST family. We will encourage a direct dialogue between the Recipient and the Linacre Common Room."

November 2011

We are proud to announce that the family of Robert Kafakoma, our Chairman of TEST for MALAWI, has generously committed funding for a Scholarship to be known as the Robert Kafakoma Scholarship in Agricultural Studies, which will be awarded to a very bright but needy student for undergraduate studies at his alma mater, Bunda College of Agriculture within the University of Malawi. This is the first Scholarship within the TEST structure in Africa to be locally funded.

October 2011

TEST for AFRICA has elected to provide funding to TEST for MALAWI to facilitate the award of 108 Scholarships to students at each of Malawi's public Universities. 38 of these Scholarship awards will made to Scholars at the University of Malawi's Medical College and Kamuzu College of Nursing.

October 2011

TEST for AFRICA is expanding into Uganda with the formation and registration of TEST for UGANDA. Dr Fred Babweteera has kindly agreed to become the Chairman of TEST for UGANDA and we welcome Mr Ronnie Twesigye and Professor Lillian Ekirikubinza, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Makerere University to the Board of Trustees. It is intended that TEST for UGANDA will be offering 15 to 20 Scholarships to both new and continuing, bright but needy Ugandans for 2012 -2013 academic intake at Uganda's public Universities.

September 2011

TEST for AFRICA is delighted to welcome Mr Dennis Awuah as its Norman & Ivy Lloyd Scholar at Linacre College Oxford. Dennis is Ghanaian and has a First Class Honours degree in Biological Sciences from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He will be studying for a Masters degree in Integrated Immunology at Oxford University.

August 2011

TEST for AFRICA announces that it's Ghanaian associate, TEST for GHANA has made 162 Scholarship awards for the 2011 - 2012 academic year at all of the Ghanaian public Universities and Polytechnics. This total includes 98 renewals and 64 new awards, with 64% of the awards being made to the three poorest regions of Northern Ghana, and almost 50% to females.

August 2011

The TEST for Africa Websites have been re-designed and re-launched. The new sites are designed to be more user-friendly and enhance user-friendliness.

May 2011

The TEST for Africa Annual Report, published in May 2011, is available here. The TEST for Ghana Annual Report, published in April 2011, is available here.

June 2010

The first TEST for Africa Annual Report, published in April 2010, is available here.

May 2010

The first TEST for Ghana Annual Report, published in April 2010, is available here.